Monday, July 26, 2010

Winter Weaving Dream Catchers

Knitting, weaving, working with wood - they all seem to go hand in hand with winter, beautiful warming activities. Their repetitive action lets us move inwards with our thoughts too.

This week we made woven dream catchers, "for the faires to put their sweet dreams into" as my 12 year old told my 2 year old.

You will need some sticks (around 17-20cm long), sanded and beeswaxed if you wish. String (for tying and hanging), coloured wool, beads, charms and feathers

Make a frame, tying firm knots with the string to hold the sticks together. The frame still tends to be a bit wobbly.
Tie on the wool to one corner and form the warp, tie off at the other corner ...
then begin weaving your coloured wool through, adding beads and charms (you can add the spoken kind too) as you go.

When you are happy with your weaving, tie off. Add some feathers, and a hanging string...

and there you have it.

Sweet Dreams!

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