Wednesday, July 7, 2010



SunSpirits began with two mothers wanting a playgroup for their children guided by the nourishing and magical ideas and qualities of Steiner Education. After searching for something in our area to no avail, we decided to begin our own. Our playgroup began with just the two of us in early 2009, and slowly grew week by week. The name SunSpirits arose as one of us wanted a name which represented the sunny warmth of our climate and environs, whilst the other wanted a reflection of its spiritual element. The name came together to evoke images of light filled children dancing around, nourished and nurtured by the mystical, magical morning sunlight.

SunSpirits Steiner Playgroup is located on 5 acres in the Mt Cotton/Redland Bay area (South East Queensland). It is a home based environment, which offers a welcoming space for children and parents to move through their morning gently and joyfully.

Magical indoor play spaces

are lovingly prepared for children to develop their imagination through free creative play, using toys filled with beauty and simplicity, many of them being straight from nature or hand made with love.

Outdoors children have the opportunity to

play amongst the trees and flowers, through winding pathways, on swings

in the sandpit and on balancing logs

in outdoor cubbies

feed the chickens

and help out in the garden.

Our Morning

Each morning we follow the same rhythm, unfolding around the nourishing tradition of making bread, creative indoor play and home based activities such as cutting fruit for our morning tea, circle time including songs, blessing and shared morning tea, outdoor play and planned seasonal activities, and finishing with a warm, nurturing story telling circle.

Seasonal Celebrations

Each term we have a small celebration to honour the seasons or special days, which the whole family is welcome to attend.

Craft Nights

Craft nights are held on a monthly basis, gathering around with a cuppa and good company, and guidance on how to create beautiful toys for your children. The toys we create ourselves are intrinsically filled with the love we put into them.

A newly crafted 'mushroom child'

Monthly Nature Group

Each month we organise a get together in local parks/bushland reserves. This group is open to all families who are unable to attend our weekly playgroup, as a means of meeting like minded people, sharing some nourishing food together, and giving our children the opportunity for free unhindered play in nature.


  1. Hi Karin, gorgeius blog! I love the background painting. Looking forward to following your adventures. Jolene

  2. heyy mum, love the website and all the cute pics...:)

    love Amber

  3. Hi there, What a wonderful, inspirational site. Thank you! I was excited to learn that it is in Brisbane. Is your playgroup open to new members? Thanks.