Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Monthly Playgroup

This month we held our monthly playgroup at Daisy Hill Conservation Park. It was a beautiful place to spend the morning, and a glorious day, and although we were only a small group it was lovely to catch up. Time went so fast we didn't even get to go and visit the koalas.

We saw some wallabies early on...

shared a lovely morning tea...

and enjoyed playing amongst the trees and logs.

'Intrepid explorers'
They were fascinated by a bug on a log, and a bird that came close elicited squeals of excitement and laughter.

'Bug exploration'
Isn't nature amazing.
Can't wait for our next get together!


  1. Some beautiful photos in there! It was a great day :o)

  2. yay! Was so nice to be there, look forward to the next :)