Friday, November 4, 2011

How the birds make their nests

We have been telling a traditional tale about how the birds make their nests, and why they each make them differently. The story goes that all the birds of the air ask Mrs Magpie (who is the cleverest of all at making nests) to show them how to build a nest. They gather around, and so she begins. But each bird, too impatient to wait until the end, flies away in turn, each learning only a part of how to build a nest.

At playgroup we have been busy making our own nests.

Make up a mixture of non toxic PVA and water. Blow up a balloon, then dipping lengths of twine or wool into the mix, wind and twirl it around one end of the balloon. Leave it to dry.

When dry, weave fleece, feathers, raffia, wool, twigs, coconut fibre or any other natural bits through your nest.

I had also purchased some wooden birds from etsy. We coloured them in using beeswax crayons.

Then put them in the oven on around 120c for 15 minutes. Whilst they are still warm polish them with a soft cloth. This spread the colour around and evens it out.

I then lightly sanded the edges back to give a more softened natural look.


In Celebration of Life

On Tuesday we held a Blessingway for one of our beautiful mamas, Michelle. She was adorned with a garland of native flowers, and we all sat in a circle around a candle lit in her honour. We each lit our candle and spoke a blessing for Michelle, as we threaded a bead onto a leather necklace. The words spoken were so thoughtful and heartfelt, and it was such a beautiful ceremony in its simplicity.

We then shared an amazing feast which all of our playgroup friends contributed to.

Finally I had felted this mat as a wall hanging for the new baby, and we each took some time to embellish it with dry felting and crystal beads, each person adding something of themselves to this gift.

Rainbows, root babies, gemstones, vines, swings, blossoms, toadstools, a wise old owl, and the warm sun... the end result was a gorgeous and unique adornment for the babys space which I am sure will be cherished.

On Wednesday Michelle gave birth to a baby boy! Congratulations Michelle, we can't wait to meet him.

Finally on Thursday I went to feed my ducks, only to find Mother Duck (who has been missing for quite some time) waddling up with 6 little ducklings in tow. They were so cute! Hopefully they will come to visit during playgroup one day too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1 potato 2 potato 3 potato 4

Potatoes would have to be my favourite food and this week I discovered that my potato plants had grown lots of potatoes. They had been big and leafy for some time and then suddenly died off (not knowing much about growing potatoes I thought something had killed them). I had a fossic around in the dirt and there they were! So I thought that I would share this miraculous discovery with playgroup...

The children donned their gloves and began to dig...

before long, potato gold!

I'm sure there's a lot more down there to be found.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Steiner School for Moreton Bay Region

Exciting News!

Moreton Bay Steiner School Information Morning
Sunday 9th October 10am-12noon
3 Progress Av. Beachmere Community Hall
Special Guest Speakers CEO of Steiner Schools Australia Ms Tracey Puckeridge and Education Administrator of Samford Valley Steiner School Mr Chris Jack
Activities and Storytime for Children
Morning Tea Provided
Would you and your family like to hear more about this wonderful New School ?
Please RSVP Stacey 54962810 or Amy on 0411066433 or use the RSVP Link

Anyone who is interested in attending is warmly invited, and it would be wonderful to show your support for this new venture.

The Birali Creative Spirit playgroup will also begin next term at the Beachmere community hall. If you are interested in attending please contact Kirsten on 54993349 or 0438549933
or email

For more details please visit their website

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rolins Strawberry Farm Excursion

Our playgroup decided a visit to a local strawberry farm would make a wonderful spring excursion, and we had been looking forward to our visit with much anticipation.

We visited Rolins Strawberry Farm, Elimbah (near Caboolture). This 20 acre farm has been operating for 20 years. We got a wonderful playgroup deal in which the children were able to pick 500g strawberries, and receive a homemade strawberry ice-cream and a chocolate dipped strawberry for only $8 each.

On arrival the children were each given a basket to fill, and we followed our lovely host Donna who took us to our picking tunnel, and showed the children how to pick strawberries correctly.

Tips for picking strawberries - avoid touching the berry, break it off along the stalk instead.

Such delicious, juicy strawberries it was too hard to resist eating them along the way!
And they were soooo sweet!

Baskets full, it was time to take a rest on the grass - and eat more strawberries.

Then we went to see some of the pickers in their carts.

Some expert tips for baskets of delicious strawberries like this;
1. Buy some good runners (as opposed to the seedlings in punnets)
2. Give them lots of water, but strawberries don't like to be watered from above - put a watering spike into the ground and water them that way.
3. Liquid fertilisers (such as fish emulsion, seaweed) are good.
4. Strawberries need to be pollinated - take one of your flowers and gently touch it to the other flowers.

Time for some strawberry ice-cream anyone?

And the chocolate coated strawberries went down a treat...

they didn't last long at all.

The children played on the lovely wooden playground whilst the mamas recovered their energy.
Then a few fun photos...

before it was time to head home.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spring Celebration

Families arrived with scrumptious spring food and fragrant flowers.
We made our way out to our picnic spot, shaded by some friendly trees.
Through the meadows let us walk
See what wonders spring has brought...

The flowers were a beautiful centrepiece for our circle time as we sang our songs of spring.
Then we set to work weaving beautiful flower crowns

Spring is here!Spring is here!
From flowers make your crown.
Place them on your sunkissed heads
Join hands and dance around.
(Old Freedom Train, Shayne Jackman)

The children chose their flowers and mamas helped plait their crowns with green rafia. The flowers were then woven through the plait.

Crowns ready, it was time for the Maypole.
In and out, in and out,
Weave the ribbons tight.
'Round the maypole we will dance,
To the left and to the right.
We wound our way around the maypole to some lively accordian jigs.

The table was laden with fresh, vibrant spring fare for our Spring Feast.

Then it was time for our Magical Bubble Wands.
The children gathered around eagerly to receive their wands.

"Bubbles, bubbles, the most beautiful bubbles we've ever seen
Bubbles, bubbles, lets catch a rainbow dream"
(Susan Perrow)

Who can resist the magic of bubbles?

Finally we ended our beautiful morning with outside Storytime.