Friday, November 4, 2011

How the birds make their nests

We have been telling a traditional tale about how the birds make their nests, and why they each make them differently. The story goes that all the birds of the air ask Mrs Magpie (who is the cleverest of all at making nests) to show them how to build a nest. They gather around, and so she begins. But each bird, too impatient to wait until the end, flies away in turn, each learning only a part of how to build a nest.

At playgroup we have been busy making our own nests.

Make up a mixture of non toxic PVA and water. Blow up a balloon, then dipping lengths of twine or wool into the mix, wind and twirl it around one end of the balloon. Leave it to dry.

When dry, weave fleece, feathers, raffia, wool, twigs, coconut fibre or any other natural bits through your nest.

I had also purchased some wooden birds from etsy. We coloured them in using beeswax crayons.

Then put them in the oven on around 120c for 15 minutes. Whilst they are still warm polish them with a soft cloth. This spread the colour around and evens it out.

I then lightly sanded the edges back to give a more softened natural look.



  1. The beeswax crayons make lovely colours. What a great nature and seasonal activity for spring

  2. At EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA you are on the top of the list this week. Did you see all the craft ideas there? Thought you might like the simple leaf one.

  3. Wishing you a magical season - it has been great to catch up with what you are doing on EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA