Friday, November 4, 2011

In Celebration of Life

On Tuesday we held a Blessingway for one of our beautiful mamas, Michelle. She was adorned with a garland of native flowers, and we all sat in a circle around a candle lit in her honour. We each lit our candle and spoke a blessing for Michelle, as we threaded a bead onto a leather necklace. The words spoken were so thoughtful and heartfelt, and it was such a beautiful ceremony in its simplicity.

We then shared an amazing feast which all of our playgroup friends contributed to.

Finally I had felted this mat as a wall hanging for the new baby, and we each took some time to embellish it with dry felting and crystal beads, each person adding something of themselves to this gift.

Rainbows, root babies, gemstones, vines, swings, blossoms, toadstools, a wise old owl, and the warm sun... the end result was a gorgeous and unique adornment for the babys space which I am sure will be cherished.

On Wednesday Michelle gave birth to a baby boy! Congratulations Michelle, we can't wait to meet him.

Finally on Thursday I went to feed my ducks, only to find Mother Duck (who has been missing for quite some time) waddling up with 6 little ducklings in tow. They were so cute! Hopefully they will come to visit during playgroup one day too.

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  1. What a lovely way to support this mom and welcome her new baby.

    I also wondered if I may humbly share an inspiration piece for such moms of new (or soon to arrive!) infants written by a CA Waldorf teacher.