Thursday, February 10, 2011

All things new at playgroup...

A new year, new faces and some lovely new treasures as well...

As our first day of playgroup drew nearer I stitched and sewed, prepared and painted (well hubby did the painting), so that everything was just perfect for us and all of our playgroup friends.

Our playroom was painted and cleaned up, and our lovely new playstand and cloth set up. I love having this special space to set up playscenes, and display things with beauty and care.

Some beautiful new treasures were found - the two crystal gnomes are from Winterwood, handcarved in New Zealand ( and the flower and mushroom fairies and gnomes are hand carved and painted in the Czech Republic ( I wanted to create a mood of beauty, simplicity and possibility and I think these do that beautifully. As Sandra Frain reminded us last year, we need to be mindful of the way in which we convey images to children of what a gnome or a fairy for example looks like, and not limit them to set ideas and images. I also whipped up these little forest gnomes.

Two new swans were made to swim majestically upon the pond.

Our home area was uplifted with this fantastic new all in one kitchen (from Phil at http://www.enjoymakingtoys/) He came to visit us at playgroup last year, and made this at our special request. He is now selling a lot of them I believe. The teaset is bamboo, and is beautiful to look at and play with. I found that online at in WA.

These two new handsized rainbow babies were a joy to make, arms outstretched just waiting to be picked up, and a cuddly new baby for our home area. Her body is made out 100% cotton (similar to dressing gown material) and is oh so soft.

My "All Seasons Garden of Plenty" Birthday crown is bursting with life - oranges, apples, plums, butterflies and bees all adorn this. And here are just some of the lovely new birthday treasures awaiting our special children.

And finally, we have some new chickens as well - India, Abigail and Persephonie have recently moved in to our hen house.

Our first day back was just beautiful. It was a joy to watch as the children played and explored, and every bit of effort was so worth it. All the love that was put into creating these special spaces was given back tenfold.