Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Magic Doorways

We were lucky enough that one of our lovely playgroup mamas paid a visit to Melbourne on the weekend, and offered to call into the amazing Bentsticks to pick up some of their beautiful creations. It was hard to resist it all, but I contained myself, and it was with much excitement that we recieved our goodies yesterday.

The new hobbit door fits one of our hollow logs perfectly...

The Juliet Balcony is a lovely new addition to the tree house my wonderful father made...

And of course the pixie bookends house our favourite collection of old Enid Blyton books.

And to make it all even better, the wonderful Gary gave us a special playgroup gift ...
a new pixie door!
Thanks Gary.
Now to decide where to put it?

Amongst our toadstool tree stumps with our other one to create a pixie villiage...

perhaps as a portal from inside...

to out.
What do you think?
Now if only I knew that secret pixie password!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my oh my! GORGEOUS! I LOVE the tree house!!? Would your dad be interested in making another to sell? What a talent :)