Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tree Stick Gnomes

I met my first tree stick gnome at the Mt Barker Steiner School Fair in Adelaide many years ago. We paid a 'gold piece' to enter a beautiful little cave, and were able to choose whichever treasure we desired. My girls chose lovely felt brooches, but I fell in love with this little tree stick gnome.

I have since made a couple more to add to our collection (one is currently playing the part of the kindly gnome in our story), and I thought it would be lovely to make some at playgroup this week for the children to take home. I must say our efforts met with varying degrees of success.

The children were rather more interested in making the most of lovely winter sunshine, playing with our outoor cubby and on the swings, so our attention was directed there.

And there are some mama's who will no longer be allowed to play with carving blades (lol)!

But anyway, here goes - Making a Tree Stick Gnome

Cut up some pieces of wood approx 4-7cm long and a couple of cm diameter. Make sure they will stand up straight
Cut out some felt in the above shape, wide enough to fit around your gnomes head
You will also need a wood carving tool/knife and needle and thread.

Carve a small 'face' out of the front of your stick

They almost seem to have developed their own personalities already.
I can see the potential for the Seven Dwarves here.

Give your gnome a light sanding over.

Sew up your hat along the curved edges using blanket stitch and glue it onto your gnome.

Now your gnome is ready to...

visit secret friends in magical places

embark on many a brave and bold adventure

or just sit back and relax by the fire with a nice hot cup of tea!


  1. Love the gnome out working with his little axe!

  2. Oh my these are just adorable! LOVE 

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