Monday, October 4, 2010

Spring Celebration

Finally the weather gave us a break, and we were able to hold (although a little belated) our Spring Celebration. Mother Nature blessed us with a divine spring morning, in the words of Margaret Wise Brown "The sky was wild with sunshine" and the garden full of spring blooms.

We set off to find a perfect picnic spot.

Through the meadow let us walk
See what wonders spring has brought
Skipping skipping let us go
As the breeze blows to and fro

The children recieved their crowns and wands with a sprinkle of glitter and a magic verse

A faery crown and a faery wand
A sprinkle of faery glitter
You become a faery Queen/King
Flutter flatter flitter

Then time to walk and skip around the maypole as we sang some simple maypole songs

A delicious spring feast fit for Faery Kings and Queens

We planted seeds of beans, marigolds and sunflowers, the seeds of which we collected last Autumn.

And the creation of our Garden Goddess (lady scarecrow) complete with magic wand, to protect our wonderful new vegetable gardens

And finally the face behind the camera, one of our wonderful mums Cat, who took these gorgeous pictures for us. It was so hard to choose which photos to include! Check out her site

What a beautiful morning we had!

Craft Night

Here also are our Spring Maidens from our craft night a few weeks back. They all looked so beautiful, a look just lovely adorning our nature tables.

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