Monday, October 11, 2010

Flutter flutter Butterfly

This week we made some lovely floaty spring butterflies.
But first, Cat, one of our mamas made us a real treat for morning tea.
Isn't it gorgeous - the children loved eating their caterpillar sandwhiches!

To make our floating butterflies we used some rectangles of tissue paper (approx. 9x13cm) in a range of lovely spring colours, pipecleaners around 15cm long, sticks collected from our yard and lightly sanded, and string.

For each butterfly take 2 pieces of tissue paper and curve the corners for a softer shape. Wrap your pipecleaner around the centre and twist to make the antenae. Tie one end of the string onto your butterfly and the other onto your stick.

The children loved their butterflies, they look beautiful, and what a cheap and easy activity. This idea was from the book Earthwise, which is full of cheap, easy and environmentally friendly ideas for young children.

Flutter, flutter butterfly
Floating in the springtime sky.
Floating by for all to see
Floating by so merrily.
Flutter, flutter butterfly
Floating in the springtime sky.
(author unknown)

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