Monday, October 4, 2010

Caterpillars in our garden

Who's been eating all the vegetables out of our garden???
And my biscuits and CHOCOLATE!

It must be this cheeky little fellow in the middle, who grew and grew with everything he ate!
The children loved listening and watching as the tiny caterpillar popped out of his egg and proceeded to "eat" a hole through each piece of food, and grow a 'beadsize' bigger (which was hiding inside the hole in the vegetable), each time.
Then he rolled himself up into a silvery cocoon, and emerged a beautiful butterfly which fluttered around the childrens heads!
(This was a combination of two ideas for the story posted on mamamoontime - thanks Amber)

Then a whole host of wriggling caterpillars emerged from the clever little hands of our children, who loved beading and sewing felt circles onto elastic threads.

Now my garden doesn't stand a chance!

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