Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spring is here!

Spring is here! Spring is here!

As the warmth and joy of spring emerges around us, we are having a most wonderful time at playgroup. The jasmine and freesias and wisteria are blooming, and during circle time outside we stop and breathe in deeply, as their scents gently drift past.

Our song time too is full of joyful verses and new energy that draw us out of that wintery place within.

We have been busy playing with magical bubbles, such enchanting things with their 'rainbow dreams' swirling within. We have also been telling Susan Perrows magical story "The littlest bubble".

Spring Bubble Painting

The children absolutely loved this painting, it is so much fun, so easy and gives such beautiful results.

In a bowl squirt a little bit of dishwashing detergent, a little bit of liquid watercolour and a little bit of water. Add a straw and BLOW until the bubbles overflow. And yes - we did have a couple of children who sucked - ewwh (but one did go back for more!)

Gently put your piece of paper over the bubbles (we used watercolour paper but any heavy paper or cardboard will do).

Do this a few times until your paper is covered in the most beautiful rainbow bubble pattern.

The photos don't do this any justice, but they looked so lovely that I made extra for our 'Welcome Spring' Celebration invitations.

Wire and Bead Bubble Wands

What is a spring celebration without bubbles?
So we set to work making beautiful bubble wands in preparation for our spring celebration.

The children chose their beads, the mamas set to work twisting and curling gold, silver and copper wire to create these most spectacular pieces of art.

Each wand is so unique and they all look so beautiful sitting in a vase on my bench awaiting next week - they remind me of dream catchers. Make sure you have a look in later to see how we made them.

Our wands were inspired by the wands of Erica and James of Wizard Bubblewands. If you are looking for a unique birthday or Christmas gift their work is beautiful.


  1. Definately using these ideas - thank you - and love those beautiful wands

  2. Hi , found you at Early play aus

  3. wow, what lovely things you've been doing - how fun!