Monday, September 6, 2010

September Monthly Nature Group

Last week we held our monthly get together in the parks at Indigescapes in Redland Bay.
What a beautiful meeting place! The children had the opportunity to play on a lovely wooden playground and sandpit, as well as balancing on some rocky garden edges.

After morning tea we set off on a short walk, with so many magical things to discover. One lucky little one even managed to hitch a ride!
Beautiful places to see, with tiny moths and butterflies all around, and the sweetest tiniest little bird flitting in and out of vision in a flash of blue (he was too quick to catch a photo)

Some secret fairy writing perhaps?

Watching the birds, ducks and fish

Ferny swords and secret caves

Then just before leaving we discovered a a little spot where the children could pot up their own native seeds to take home

And even a little lizard to say farewell!

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