Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Nature Table

I love taking our nature table on a journey through the seasons. Just as Nature transitions gracefully from one season to another, subtle changes on our nature table do the same.

Winter Solstice
The root children snuggle deep into Mother Earth where she keeps them safe through the cold of winter. A little mouse also makes his home nearby. Above, beautiful lanterns guard a precious ray of sunlight, to guide us through the dark. All is still for a time...

Late winter
Some early bulbs begin to emerge, bringing the promise of spring to come...

Late Winter/Early Spring
Although winter is still holding on, Mother Earth gently becons forth the Spring Maiden. The aura of Spring surrounds her... the blue of winter begins to recede as the suns bright blessings creep forth, blending together to create a dance of greens.

As the birds begin to build their nests, visiting each day to weave a few more strands of their collected treasures, this too is represented on our nature table. As in our garden, many a flower is now showing its pretty petalled face to the light...

Soon Spring will truly burst into life!

The Spring Maiden design comes from Amber Greene (mama moontime). Thanks Amber for a fantastic workshop.

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