Friday, August 26, 2011

Winter Solstice Celebration

Well, I know its a little late (ok a lot late), but as they say better late than never....

In the weeks leading up to our Winter Celebration we told the most beautiful story of "The Seed Babies Light" (see the winter issue of Star Weavings).
We made our own window stars to bring the light into our lives.
And the children eagerly helped gather wood and kindling in anticipation of our solstice bonfire.
On the morning the children rolled their own beeswax candles and cored their own apple to hold their candle in. (some apples didn't make it very far - they just looked too delicious!)

As our name was sang, we lit our candles from the light at the centre of our spiral walk.
The children used their candles from the spiral walk to light our bonfire, then added some special items which they had each brought along.
Then some seasonal winter songs around the bonfire.
Before finally tucking into some hearty warming winter food!
Casseroles, soups, rice, quinoa, crusty bread, and of course some yummy pumpkin scones.
What a nourishing and heartwarming morning.

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