Monday, November 29, 2010

Something from Nothing

In the spirit of building up to a creative christmas we have been making our own 'something from nothing' creative craft boxes and telling the story (a simplified version) "Something from Nothing" by Phoebe Gilman. During story time the children loved to watch as a baby's wonderful blanket - frazzled and worn, unsightly and torn - instead of being thrown out, was transformed into a wonderful shirt. Then the wonderful shirt - shrunken and small, doesn't fit you at all - became a wonderful handkerchief. The wonderful handkerchief - used till its tattered, splotched and its splattered - finally becomes a wonderful button. What a wonderful story to inspire re-using, recycling and creative thinking.

The children cut, tore, hole punched and pasted bits of paper, wool, and buttons to decorate their wonderful boxes.

I have filled them with some little treasures to take home over our holiday break - beads, buttons, scraps of felt and flannelette, wool, string, sticks, gumnuts, shells - I wonder what they will inspire? And a challenge - an old curtain ring. I want to see what creative ideas mums and children can come up with to use this!

And I just wanted to share this little creation - our dancing dolly was created from our something from nothing box purely by chance. The scrap pieces of felt, wool arms, button face and wool hairbow were randomly sewn together by my 2 year old to take on a life of their own, and literally create 'something from nothing'. We then spent the morning singing and making our little puppet dance merrily around the room.

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